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Organizing chaos

Living ( with the ) disorder

Bringing order to chaos
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This is a group for people with Borderline Personality Disorder. Others are welcome to join, of course. I am sure there are many out there who identify with a lot of the symptoms, even if they have never been diagnosed. Such symptoms as:

Thinking of everything as black or white
Mood swings
Impulsive behavior
Difficulty communicating with others
Difficulty in being alone
Outbursts of anger
Suicide threats, self-injury (cutting, burning, ect), alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders,shopping addiction, dissociatieve and psychotic phenomena....

I think that is a little clearer than the DSM IV criteria- so if you ARE borderline, or any of what is written above speaks to you, join us, and have a place where you can talk about these things and know that you CAN talk about them.

Websites with more info coming soon...