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I myself am not a BP but I am the girlfriend of one. He's 18 soon to be 19 and he's the most intelligent, talented, and beautiful person i know. He hasnt been formally diagnosed yet probably because of his age and his psychiatrist doesnt feel its BPD although his therapist and everyone else admantly think it is. He's on Zoloft, Geodon, and Zanax for his anxiety attacks.

Usually his downspells dont last more than 2 days at most. He's been in one for 2 weeks now. He's miserable and sees himself as worthless and life as pointless. In his black and white life he believes nothing ever changes people dont change. He doesnt know what he wants in life and has never known. He can't even remember anymore what he used to do to be happy. He doesn't even want to get out of bed. Every coping technique he uses is one that does more dammage than healing.

Things took a turn for the better 2 days ago he had himself admitted to ur local behavorial health center for a week. Im scared and worried but I know its for the best.

I love him so much and Id like this relationship to last years. But BPD defnitely has a negative influence on it. My bf is so torn he wants to be with me but at the sametime his afraid of spending his life with just one person. he says at times he wants to eb a cat ladhy.

I guess I've come here looking for advice and support. Id like to know what to do to help him when he gets down.


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